Sicily! 1999

A man returns to visit his native Sicily after living in New York for a long time. He learns about the Sicilian way of life from stylized conversations with an orange picker, his fellow train passengers, his mother, and a knife-sharpener.

Sicily: Earthquake Year One

directed by Beppe Scavuzzo, itself dealing with a massive Italian earthquake. The film was shown in 1970, though it is set itself across a scattering of time: in January 1968, when the earthquake came, in the days and weeks of its immediate aftermath amongst the rubble and crisis, and in all the days and weeks and months after, adding up to the year one of the title, at which point the promised aid still had not come, despite 100,000 left homeless

A Dream of Sicily 2000

A 52-minute documentary profile of Giuseppe Tornatore featuring interviews with director and extracts from his early home movies as well as interviews with director Francesco Rosi and painter Peppino Ducato, set to music by the legendary Ennio Morricone.

Washing Clothes at Sicily 1903

A delightful picture full of typical interest. Sicilian women and children are washing in a brook. (Taken on the winter cruise of the S. S. "Auguste Victoria" of the Hamburg-American Line, leaving New York on 03 Feb 1903.)

Visions Of Sicily 2009

The ultimate vacation postcard of Italy including the sights and sounds immortalised for centuries in literature, movies, and art. Stunning aerial footage and evocative Italian music showcase unprecedented views.VISIONS OF SICILY As a part of Italy but very much a land unto itself, Sicily has always defied categorisation. With its unique and dramatic beauty shaped by powerful volcanic forces and its culture influenced by conquering forces throughout the centuries, it is a place like no other. From ancient fishing ports to modern autostradas, terra cotta rooftops and azure waters to the haze of volcanic craters, this unique aerial tour provides striking views of all that Sicily was and has become.

Simply Red: Home Live in Sicily 2003

Someday in My Life Ocean Home Positively 4th Street Lost Weekend Home Loan Blues A New Flame Night Nurse Something For You You Make Me Feel Brand New Stars Money in My Pocket Fake Thrill Me The Right Thing Something Got Me Started Holding Back the Years Money's Too Tight to Mention Fairground Sunrise Special Features Documentary Bonus Tracks: Live in Montreux: The Right Thing Live in Croatia: You Make Me Feel Brand New Mick Cam

Summer '82: When Zappa Came to Sicily 2014

In the feature documentary, Summer 82 - When Zappa Came to Sicily, filmmaker and Zappa fan Salvo Cuccia tells the behind-the-scenes story of Frank Zappa's star-crossed concert in Palermo, Sicily, the wrap-up to a European tour that ended in public disturbances and police intervention. Cuccia had a ticket to the concert but never made it. Thirty years later, collaborating with Zappa's family, he re-creates the events through a combination of rare concert and backstage footage; photographs; anecdotes from family, band members, and concertgoers; and insights from Zappa biographer and friend Massimo Bassoli. The story is also a personal one, as Cuccia interweaves the story of Zappa's trip to Sicily with his own memories from that summer.

Don Juan in Sicily 1967

Giovanni Percolla lives in Catania surrounded by the attentive cares of his three sisters. He permanently acts like a Don Giovanni to hide his real poor "knowledge" of women. With his friend he moves also to Rome but women still continues to remain part of his fantasies. But Giovanni succeeded to build anyway a fame of "tombeur de femmes". One day he meets the real love of Maria Antonietta and decides to marry. Will things change?

Sicily Jass. The World's First Man in Jazz

2017 will mark a century from the recording of what is historically considered the first Jazz record, but very few know that it was recorded by a Sicilian emigrant to New Orleans: Nick La Rocca. The record sold a million and half copies! Featuring exclusive interviews to American music critics, historians and archivists, as well as amazing archive picturing New Orleans at the beginning of the century, Sicily Jass takes us on a journey through music and history, telling the story of the world's first man in Jazz.

Baarìa 2009

Giuseppe Tornatore traces three generations of a Sicilian family in in the Sicilian town of Bagheria (known as Baarìa in the local Sicilian dialect), from the 1930s to the 1980s, to tell the story of the loves, dreams and delusions of an unusual community.

The Sicilian 1987

Egocentric bandit Salvatore Guiliano fights the Church, the Mafia, and the landed gentry while leading a populist movement for Sicilian independence.

The Sicilian Clan 1969

Roger Santet is a convicted murderer sprung from prison by the Sicilian clan headed by the aging Vittorio Manalese. They conspire to steal a large cache of jewels from an exhibit in Rome. As they are preparing for the heist, the mobster's American friend Tony Nicosia suggests that a better way to get the rocks would be to hijack the transport plane while it is en route to New York. The dogged inspector Le Goff is using all the available resources to thwart their plans. Though the heist itself is successful, Santet finds himself trapped by the mob because of his fling with Manalese's daughter-in-law

Sicily Unpacked 2012

Art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon teams up with chef Giorgio Locatelli to embark on a journey around Sicily.

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